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Learn more about housing grants available in Breckland and how to apply

Grants currently available:

Warm Homes Fund

Terms and conditions:

Norfolk Warm Homes may be able to provide a grant for cavity wall, solid wall, roof, and loft insulation improvements, the installation of an air-source heat pump for off-gas properties, and other energy-saving measures which will help to reduce your heating bills. 

Landlords will have to contribute a third of the costs of improvements, but owner-occupiers will have the work fully funded. To apply, you must earn below the income threshold and must have a home that has a low energy efficiency rating.

Eligibility/How to apply: 

Applicants must have a gross household income of below £30,000 and must live in a property with an energy efficiency (EPC) rating of E, F or G. You can find your home's energy efficiency rating at Gov.UK: Find an energy certificate

If you would like more information, please visit Norfolk Warm Homes or call +44 1603 430103.

Disabled Facilities Grant

Terms and conditions

  • Maximum of £30,000.
  • To qualify the person must be assessed as requiring an adaptation by an occupational therapist.
  • The house must be the disabled person's only or main residence.
  • The disabled person's income will be assessed to establish what contribution they may have to make towards the cost of the work.
    • Applicants claiming certain benefits, and parents of a disabled child, would not have to pay a contribution.
  • Upon completion of the works, a charge will be placed on the property requiring its repayment if the property is sold within five years of the certified date.

Eligibility/how to apply

Forget me Not Grant

Terms and conditions

  • Up to £500.
  • To assist people living with dementia to maintain a safe, decent and warm home, and to help reassure those who care for them.
  • To promote independence and support people living with Dementia in the community.

Eligibility/how to apply

  • Eligibility for the grant does not require a full diagnosis. However, the person must have symptoms associated with dementia that is affecting their daily lives.
  • Any aids/adaptations must be related to a problem or problems relating to those symptoms.
  • Apply for the Forget me Not Grant.

    Safety and Security Grant

    Terms and conditions

    • Up to £500.
    • Available to vulnerable households where the applicant is suffering from ill health or a disability.
    • Where the applicant is a tenant, any items deemed to be the responsibility of the landlord will not be grant funded, and where works are deemed eligible landlords consent will be required.

    Eligibility/how to apply

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