Housing conditions

Landlord responsibility for repairs

Landlord responsibility

As a landlord, you are responsible for carrying out repairs and maintenance to the exterior and structure of your property. This includes any goods or furniture you have provided (such as white goods).

If your tenant reports repairs through to you, you should arrange to visit the property to assess what repairs are needed. You must give your tenants at least 24 hours' written notice of your intent to enter the property and you must visit at a reasonable time.

You should then arrange for the repairs to be carried out by a qualified professional as soon as possible. Due to GDPR regulations, you must ensure that you do not give out your tenants contact information without their consent.

You must also make sure that you meet your statutory obligations by making sure that safety checks (such as gas) are carried out annually where required.

If your tenant is in arrears, you are still obligated to carry out necessary repairs to the property. If there are outstanding repairs and you attempt to evict your tenant you may be unable to do so.

Further information can be found on Shelter onResponsibility of repairs for landlords and tenants (opens new window)

Private Sector Housing Officer referrals

If repairs issues are reported through to us that are not being reasonably addressed, our Private Sector Housing Officers will consider enforcement options available. This could result in severe repercussions.

To make sure obligations are met, our Private Sector Housing Team will always try to work with landlords as much as is reasonably possible. They will resort to enforcement options only when other methods have been exhausted.

Last updated: 27/03/2024 09:11:41