Strategies, plans and policies

Our vision is to ensure Breckland is a place where people and business can thrive.

To support this we have put together our Corporate Plan, which brings together our strategic priorities for the coming years and outlines what we'll do to make a difference in Breckland.

Our priorities for the future are grouped across four key themes:

  • Inspiring Communities
  • Thriving Places
  • Breckland 2035
  • Working Smarter

You can find out more and read the document on our Corporate Plan page.


Strategy namePDF
Asset Management Strategy
Breckland 2035 Sustainability StrategyN/A
Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan
Budget Summaries
Capital Strategy


Document namePDF
Gambling Statement of Principles
Gender Pay Gap Statement
Local Code of Corporate Governance
National Fraud InitiativeN/A
Performance Management Framework
Treasury Management
Equality and DiversityN/A


Policy namePDF
Corporate Enforcement Policy
Data Protection PolicyN/A
Licensing Policy Statement
Records Management Policy
Risk Framework Policy
Safeguarding Policy

Vexatious Policy

Whistle Blowing PolicyN/A

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