Submit a Freedom of Information Request

For information held by the council we use a Publication Scheme which aims to increase the public's awareness of the work undertaken within the Council and by its partners.

Promoting transparency in the way decisions are reached and providing clear information about the Council's policies and processes aims to foster a spirit of trust with the public and other organisations and to encourage greater interest and participation in the democratic process.

Where information is not published through this scheme we promise to deal with individual requests for information on a timely basis and to provide advice and assistance if required.

The Council includes as much information in the Publication Scheme as it can.

If you cannot find what you are looking for you can make a request for the information that is not published under this scheme.

Your request should be made Online via our website: Submit an FOI request and will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

Last updated: 03/12/2021 10:43:22