Brownfield Land Register

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The Housing and Planning Act, 2016 (opens new window) makes provision for local authorities to prepare, maintain and publish a register of brownfield land. The register should identify previously developed sites in the district that we have assessed as being suitable for housing.

What is brownfield land?

Brownfield land (or 'Previously Developed Land') is a site presently or previously occupied by a permanent structure, including the curtilage of the developed land and any associated fixed surface infrastructure. It should not be assumed that the whole of the curtilage should be developed.

Which sites are eligible to be placed on the register?

Brownfield land sites above 0.25 hectares or those capable of supporting five or more dwellings considered to be suitable, available and achievable by the Government. Furthermore, the register is split into Part One and Part Two.

Read more about brownfield land registers (opens new window) andpermission in principle (opens new window) on the GOV.UK website.

The Brownfield Register can be downloaded and viewed here: 


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