Pre-application Advice

We do not provide advice on whether planning permission is required (such as 'does my extension/fence/garage conversion need planning permission or not?') You are advised to consult thePlanning Portal Interactive House (opens new window)

Please be aware that we charge for pre-application advice. Details on the fees charged can be found on the followingCharging Schedule

Pre-application advice can provide a good indication of whether a proposed development is likely to receive a positive outcome in the event of a planning application. Please note the level of advice given will be dependent on the information provided. Therefore, we suggest you provide as much information as possible, including plans/sketches, photographs, surveys or supporting documents.  Failure to provide sufficiently detailed information may result in generic advice being provided and any further pre-application discussion required will incur an additional fee.

Our written response will provide details of:

  • The relevant planning policies.
  • Relevant planning history.
  • Constraints such as tree preservation orders, conservation areas, and Listed Buildings.
  • The main planning considerations, including an officer's opinion on matters such as the impact on neighbouring uses and the suitability of the proposed design.
  • How to make a planning application.

In addition to a written response you can choose to pay for a virtual meeting and/or an unaccompanied site visit.  

Applications for pre-application advice will only be accepted using ouronline application form. Payment will be required at time of submission.

We will endeavour to provide advice within 28 days. Where a meeting is required, the 28 days will start from the date of the meeting or site visit.

Pre-application advice is based only on the information provided. It does not prejudice the council from taking an alternative decision. All planning applications are subject to public consultation, which may affect an officer recommendation. Any planning application may be required to be heard at planning committee in accordance with Part 3 - Delegations of theCouncil's Constitution.

We do not consult with statutory consultees (Highways Authority, Environmental Health, Lead Local Flood Authority, Ecology, Historic England) as part of a pre-application enquiry. It is your responsibility to do this prior to making a planning application.

Please be aware that Nutrient Neutrality is affecting the delivery of some developments at this time.  We suggest you review our page onAbout Nutrient Neutrality before making planning applications or submitting requests for pre-application advice.

Last updated: 18/03/2024 11:46:20