Assisted bin collection

We provide an assisted collection service for elderly, infirm or disabled residents who can't manage to put their bins out for collection.

What is an assisted collection?

An assisted collection is when the bin crew collects your bin from its normal storage space, takes it to the bin lorry for emptying, and then returns it back to its storage space.

Residents who qualify for this service may be:

  • Elderly or infirm.
  • Suffering from a short or long term illness.

There must be no other able bodied person living at the property.

If you qualify for an assisted collection, from 06:30 on your collection day you should:

  • Leave any gates unlocked.
  • Make sure any pets are not loose in your garden or yard.

How do I apply for / cancel my assisted collection?

Request/cancel assisted bin collection using our online form.

If you have any queries relating to assisted collections, please contact our service provider Serco 0330 1099 220  or email

Last updated: 23/03/2022 16:25:55