Royal Mail and Postal Problems

We are the only people who can create or change your official property address. We ensure your official address has the correct Street, Locality, Town and Parish based on where your property is actually located.

Royal Mail does not have the authority to create your official property address however we send the official address to Royal Mail who simply add a post town and postcode based on their delivery routes and not necessarily your correct location.

You will need to contact Royal Mail on 08456 011 110 or your local postal delivery office if:

  • You have any problems with Royal Mail postal deliveries.
  • You feel that the address used by Royal Mail does not reflect the correct position of your property. 
  • You have an official address from the council but it does not appear on the Royal Mail website's address list. If so, you will need to ask Royal Mail for your address "to be made Live".

Please complete the online application form below if:

  • Your property address is causing you problems.
  • Another property address is conflicting with your address.
  • You do not have an official address from the council.

After we receive the application form we will look into the problem and contact you back to let you know how we can help.

Last updated: 21/02/2024 11:15:36