Can we sell tickets before the event?

If you're planning to sell tickets prior to the event and the proceeds (from ticket sales) for a single draw are not anticipated to exceed £20,000 then you must register with Breckland Council as a 'small society lottery'. You would need to pay a small fee and comply with a range of regulatory requirements including providing entrants to the lottery with tickets stating specific information (see below) and preventing children under the age of 16 from participating. If the proceeds for a single draw were to exceed £20,000 you would require a 'large society lottery' licence from the Gambling Commission.

A Small Society Lottery registration can be applied for by any society that promotes a lottery established for charitable purposes; for example for the purpose of supporting sport, athletics or a cultural activity or for any other non-commercial purpose other than for private gain.  Small Society registrations are for societies starting a lottery, 100 club or pre-selling raffle tickets before the day of the draw.

How to apply for a Small Society Lottery Registration.

Last updated: 17/06/2020 14:32:42