Saham Toney: Examination on the Neighbourhood Plan

Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan

The Independent Examination started on 11th January 2021.  The Independent Examiner issued 'Initial Comments' about the examination and requested further information. 

Responses to the draft Saham Toney Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 16) consultation

Here is the link to all the documents submitted for the Regulation 16 consultation, that have also been submitted to the Examiner can be viewed online.

Notice of Examination - Public Hearing

John Slater was appointed as the Independent Examiner of the Plan. On reviewing the content of the draft Plan, accompanying documents and representations received as part of the submission consultation process (Reg.16), the Examiner decided to hold a public hearing.

The hearing was held on Wednesday 17th February 2021.  Attendance was by invitation from the Examiner and a link to the recording is available on the Saham Toney Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2036 website

Questions and Guidance Notes from the Examiner

Documents relating to all the Examination are found below.

Responses to Initial Comments questions

Responses to Further Comments questions

Additional information provided 

Decision on Examination

The Examiner issued his final report on 13th July 2021.

Breckland Council made its decision on the Examiners Report on 13th August 2021 and accepted all the modification in the Report.

The Decision Statement, containing the decision and details of where and when it can be viewed along with the Decision Report and Examiners Report is found below:

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