15/03/2023: Residents report high levels of trust in Breckland Council

The results of a Breckland resident survey show that local people have high levels of trust and satisfaction in Breckland Council.

At the meeting of Breckland Council's Cabinet today (13 March), councillors heard that levels of trust and satisfaction in Breckland are significantly higher than across Norfolk and the UK.  Nationally, 62% of respondents say they have trust in their local council and across Norfolk this rises to 68%.  However, Breckland significantly out-performs regional and national peers with 79% of respondents stating that they trust their district council.

This exceptional performance was mirrored when residents were asked about how satisfied they were with the performance of the council.  Nationally, 64% of respondents stated that they were satisfied with the way their council was run.  In Breckland resident satisfaction with their council stood at 73%.

From listening & acting on resident concerns to resident satisfaction with their local area, Breckland Council significantly outperformed national and regional averages across the survey.

Cllr Jane James, Breckland Council's Executive Member for Customer and Corporate Services, commented: "I am incredibly proud to see our residents feel Breckland is performing so well on so many fronts and I'd like to thank all council members, our staff, and our communities for working so well together to ensure our district remains a place where people and businesses can thrive.

"We are always striving to become even better and so we have crafted an action plan which draws on people's feedback and we will use this to build on our success and further improve the experiences and lives of our residents."

Last updated: 15/03/2023 10:31:46