24/08/2023: Thetford's Stage and Screen 2023 Festival ends in Shakespearean triumph

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The Thetford Stage and Screen 2023 Festival has concluded its four-day programme with resounding success, captivating thousands of audience members with a remarkable blend of classic films, street food and enchanting live outdoor theatre performances. The festival finale took place on Wednesday (23 August) and saw a spellbound audience enjoying picnics on a summer's evening within Thetford Priory, whilst watching Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. The evening before, the unique venue played host to Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

The festival also included two days of nostalgic cinema, featuring the time-travel adventure of 'Back to the Future', the award-winning 'Matilda The Musical' and the heartwarming Polynesian voyage of 'Moana'.  The outside cinema was held at the Thetford Riverside Complex and showcased a variety of local and regional street food vendors, including Thetford's PUDDIN and Norfolk's Dabbawalla Indian street food.

Breckland Council funded the Stage and Screen Summer 2023 programme, in partnership with Thetford Town Council, to bring together local communities, attract visitors to the town and support local businesses. The organisers estimate around 1600 people attended events held across the festival.

"I am delighted by the brilliant response to the festival and the boost it has given the town and its residents," commented Cllr Paul Claussen, Executive Member for Economic and Growth at Breckland Council. "This year's festival aimed to celebrate the rich tapestry of cinema and theatre and showcase Thetford's rich history. Despite some challenging weather early on in the festival, it hasn't dampened anybody's spirits and the overwhelming response has been fantastic."

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