05/02/2024: Breckland Chairman joins council colleagues to honour 'Dereham Heroes'

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Councillor Peter Wilkinson, Chairman of Breckland Council, has joined colleagues, Councillors Alison Webb and Harry Clarke, in awarding several volunteers and groups in Dereham for their outstanding work in the community.

Groups and individuals have been honoured in two ceremonies in January.  The first took place at Dereham Meeting Point, where the Chairman awarded Manager Shonette Mooney for her valuable contribution to the community alongside Dereham Withburga Councillor, Harry Clarke.

The second ceremony was held at Breckland Council Headquarters, Elizabeth House, in Dereham, where the Chairman joined Councillor Alison Webb in awarding several groups and individuals for their exemplary dedication to their town and community.

Paying tribute to those receiving awards, Breckland Chairman, Councillor Peter Wilkinson commented: "It is incredibly important for me, in my role as Chairman of Breckland Council, to use my position to shine a light on those in our community that really, selflessly, go above and beyond in helping those around them.

"Breckland is such a special place because we have such a strong sense of community.  That we have those who are willing to give their time to improve the lives of those around them.  I am incredibly proud, as Chairman, to be in a position to honour their efforts with Special Recognition Awards.

Echoing the Chairman, Councillor Harry Clarke commented: "I want to thank the Chairman for taking the time to visit Dereham Meeting Point to recognise the outstanding work they do and the vital role Shonette Mooney plays in managing the organisation."

Dereham Neatherd Councillor and Breckland Executive Member for Customer and Corporate Services, Alison Webb, commented: "I want to thank the Chairman for recognising these outstanding 'Dereham Heroes'.  I have been working with Councillor Wilkinson for some time to bring Dereham's finest together, to recognise the often unseen, dedicated, selfless work that goes on in the background that helps to make both Dereham and Breckland such a wonderful place to live."

Last updated: 05/02/2024 11:12:22