23/04/24: Over £250,000 raised in last 6 years by Our Breckland Lottery

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Our Breckland Lottery, an innovative community support initiative launched by Breckland Council in 2018, has celebrated its sixth anniversary in March.

Designed to champion local causes through the power of community engagement, the lottery has successfully fostered a spirit of mutual support and empowerment across Breckland. With a philosophy of "by the community, for the community," the lottery has become a cornerstone of local fundraising efforts, benefiting an array of projects and causes within the district.

As of now, Our Breckland Lottery boasts 662 active players who have collectively raised an impressive total of over £250,000, supporting 101 good causes in the area. With tickets at only £1 a week, the lottery gives players a 1 in 50 chance of winning weekly prizes, including a top prize of £25,000.

Good causes are paid monthly, with places such as Carbrooke Millennium Green using these funds as a steady income for the village green. Funds have paid for petrol for mowers, trimmers and the cost of maintaining them.

Pact Animal Sanctuary, one of the lottery's top benefactors, has raised over £32,000 since joining.

Cllr Tristan Ashby, Executive Director for Community and Health said, "As Our Breckland Lottery embarks on another year, it remains committed to strengthening local initiatives and supporting the community. This approach not only engages communities in a fun and effective fundraising activity but also provides better winning odds compared to national lotteries. Breckland invites residents to join this rewarding journey of making a difference, one ticket at a time."

If you are a community organisation based in Breckland looking for sustainable funding, join the Our Breckland Lottery at no cost to your group - simply recruit players to support your cause and earn 50p from every ticket sold. To find out more email community@breckland.gov.uk or sign up via the website: www.ourbrecklandlottery.co.uk (opens new window)

Last updated: 23/04/2024 10:20:53