Spending, Performance & Transparency

The Policy and Performance Team manages the Council's business planning cycle and the policy framework. We also monitor and report on delivery of the key priorities within the Council's Corporate Plan 2011-15. Performance for priority delivery can be found in our Performance Cabinet Reports. It also manages the equalities and diversity agenda for the council communicating the Council's commitment to equalities through the Breckland Council's Comprehensive Equality Policy and Action Plan. We also have a responsibility to make public data openly available.


Breckland's Finance department is responsible for: •preparing and controlling Breckland's budgets against our Financial Plan •formally setting council tax charged to residents •publishing Breckland's Annual Statement of Accounts •external audit •financial transparency •capital accounting •treasury management, including accounts payable and receivable

Our Budget, Financial Plan summaries, and strategies

Each year the Finance department prepares Breckland's Budget, the Medium Term plan, Fees and Charges, the Capital Strategy and the Treasury Management Policy and Strategy.

Statement of Accounts

The Council produces a Statement of Accounts each year which provides all the financial information and disclosure notes relating to Breckland Council's accounts and associated group companies for the financial period stated. The Summary Statement of Accounts provides a shorter overview of this information.

Whistle blowing Policy

Our policy outlines how people can raise a significant concern, such as issues of fraud, misconduct, or illegality. This policy is designed to ensure that people know how to raise a genuine concern, and can do so in the knowledge that they will not face reprisal for their action.


The Corporate Improvement & Performance Team manages the Council's corporate planning cycle, the policy framework and the Authority's Transformation Programme.


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