House to House Collections

A permit is required for anyone who wishes to conduct a House to House charity collection.

The permit is issued by Breckland Council under theHouse to House Collections Act 1939 and can be valid for a maximum of six months.

If you are a charity that holds a Home Office Exemption Certificate you will not need a permit in order to collect on behalf of your charity.

If you do hold an exemption please contact us to confirm the dates you wish to conduct your collection. The Cabinet office maintain a list of all holders of theHome Office Exemption Certificate

If you would like to apply for a permit you are now able to apply online for this permit by going to our public register or please contact us byweb form to confirm the date you wish to collect and we will post or email an application form to you.

On receipt of your completed online application form or posted application form we will issue your permit. You are required to obtain identity badges and forms fromH.M. Stationery Office. The Stationery Office will supply these only on receipt of your completed application and permit. Further details of how to do this will be supplied with your permit.

Last updated: 11/06/2020 10:46:26