Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

What is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)?

An HMO is a house or flat which is rented out to 3 or more people, forming 2 or more households who share facilities such as a toilet, bathroom, or a kitchen. The full definition of an HMO can be found in theHousing Act 2004 Section 254 (opens new window)

and information for converted flats can be found in the Housing Act 2004 Section 257 (opens new window).

What rules are there for HMOs?

Management Regulations Apply to all HMOs, even those which don't require a licence. More information can be found inManagement of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006 (opens new window).

If the HMO is a converted flat (section 257) more information can be found on theManagement regulations for converted flats (opens new window).

HMO Licensing

HMOs with 5 or more people living in them require a licence.

There are some exceptions:

Breckland council does not operate selective or additional licensing schemes.

How do I apply for a licence?

Please fill in an application:  Application for HMO Licence (Word doc) [144KB] (opens new window)

We will require a processing fee which is split into 2 separate payments.

The amount for the first payment can be found in the table below under the heading "Part 1 Fee" which varies depending on the number of bedrooms in the HMO to be licensed. This must be paid with your HMO licensing application.

Once we have processed your application, we will contact you to inspect the HMO.  Following the inspection, we will provide you with draft licence conditions.

Once the licence conditions are agreed we will require the second payment to license the HMO. This is the "Part 2 Fee" found in the table below.

What are the fees?

New Application Fees

Number of BedroomsPart 1 FeePart 2 FeeTotal Cost
3 Bedrooms£380.00£388.00£768.00
4 Bedrooms£399.00£416.00£815.00
5 Bedrooms£418.00£443.00£861.00
6 Bedrooms£455.00£498.00£953.00
7 Bedrooms£474.00£525.00£999.00
8 Bedrooms£493.00£553.00£1,046.00
9 Bedrooms£512.00£580.00£1,092.00
10 Bedrooms£531.00£607.00£1,138.00
11 Bedrooms£568.00£662.00£1,230.00
12 Bedrooms£587.00£690.00£1,277.00
13 Bedrooms£606.00£717.00£1,323.00
14 Bedrooms£625.00£744.00£1,369.00
15 Bedrooms£643.00£772.00£1,415.00


HMO Renewal Application Fees

Number of BedroomsPart 1 FeePart 2 FeeTotal Cost
3 Bedrooms£311.00£277.00£588.00
4 Bedrooms£324.00£299.00£623.00
5 Bedrooms£337.00£321.00£658.00
6 Bedrooms£363.00£365.00£728.00
7 Bedrooms£376.00£387.00£763.00
8 Bedrooms£389.00£409.00£798.00
9 Bedrooms£403.00£431.00£833.00
10 Bedrooms£416.00£453.00£869.00
11 Bedrooms£442.00£497.00£939.00
12 Bedrooms£455.00£519.00£974.00
13 Bedrooms£468.00£541.00£1,009.00
14 Bedrooms£481.00£563.00£1,044.00
15 Bedrooms£494.00£585.00£1,079.00

Licence conditions

An HMO licence will contain certain standard conditions link. In addition each licence will contain conditions specific to the property. These will be based on our amenities guidance and our fire safety standards.

Licence register

Section 232 of the Housing Act 2004 states that the council is required by law to keep a register of all the HMO licences that are in force. The register must include the name and address of the licence holder and the address of the licensed HMO.  We are required to make that information available to members of the public. The council cannot withhold the information from someone making a request, even if they may use the information for marketing. The version on our webpage redacts certain information. If you require the full register please contact us on


Disputes regarding HMO licenses should be referred to thetribunal service (opens new window)

We ask that you contact us before, or at the same time as, applying for a tribunal appeal, as some disputes may be resolved informally without the need for a tribunal hearing.

Planning permission and other legislation

Submitting a licence application and being granted a licence is not a substitute for obtaining planning permission, complying with building regulations or any other applicable regulations. Owners and managers must ensure that applicable legislation is followed and complied with.

Report an unlicensed HMO to Breckland Council for investigation

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