Licensing News

We use this page to publish any upcoming changes in legislation that is relevant to any of the licences we process which include pubs, clubs, taxi vehicles and drivers, gambling, scrap metal and animal welfare.

UEFA European Championships 2024 - Advice for Licensees

The tournament will be played from 14 June, culminating in the final on 14 July.  

The Government has confirmed that licensed venues will be able to remain open for longer if either England or Scotland qualify for the semi-finals or final. This extension only applies in England and Wales. The extension allows pubs to stay open on the days of the semi-final (9th and/or 10th July) and final (14th July).  Licensing hours would end at 1.00am (early in the morning after the matches have taken place) rather than 11.00pm on the day of the matches for the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises and for the provision of late-night refreshment in on-trade licensed premises. After these licensed hours, premises would not be able to sell alcohol or late night refreshment under the licensing hours order. However, premises may be able to allow customers to remain on the premises beyond the extended hours and could submit a TEN if they wished to open later.

The BBPA have produced advice for licensees. (opens new window)

Microchipping of Cats

Owners have until 10 June 2024 to microchip their cat.  Cats must be microchipped before they reach 20 weeks of age, except for unowned cats (i.e. feral and community cats).  You must keep your details up to date on a DEFRA approved microchipping database.  Catteries have been advised to add the microchip number to their records for any cats boarding in their establishment.  Further information can be found on the Cat Protection website. (opens new window)

Free publications for Premises Licence Holders

The British Beer and Pub Association have provided somefree publications for Premises Licence Holders including Challenge 21 posters.

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