Planning Committee meeting guide

Planning Committee generally meets every four weeks on a Tuesday at the council's office in Dereham.

Attending the Committee

If you decide to attend the Planning Committee, a copy of theCommittee Agenda (opens new window) is available online about one week before the meeting.

Which applications may go to Planning Committee?

Applications are heard at Planning Committee in accordance with the council's adoptedScheme of Delegation (opens new window)

It is your responsibility to track the progress of an application that you are interested in using ourPlanning Search Facility.

We will endeavour to email applicants (or their agent) and the parish council of the date of the relevant Planning Committee. If you wish to be notified that an application being presented at Planning Committee, you will need to provide an email address when you append comments to an application. If no email is provided to us, then you will need to check the relevantPlanning Committee Page (opens new window) to establish if and when a specific application is to be considered.

How do I arrange to speak at the meeting?

You can arrange to speak at Planning Committee by emailing the Committee Usher (

Please email your request quoting the application reference number before 17:00 on the Wednesday immediately before the proposed Planning Committee meeting date. Please also confirm your interest in the application, such as applicant, objector, representative of Parish Council.

How long can I speak for?

A speaker will be given a maximum of three minutes. The three minutes will be shared in instances where multiple objectors or supporters (including applicants and agents) wish to speak.

What can I say at the meeting?

Please try to be brief and to the point. Limit your comments to the application and relevant planning issues, for example:

  • Planning Policy (Government guidance and Local Plans).
  • Design, appearance, layout and effect on nearby properties.
  • Noise disturbance, smell and residential amenity.
  • Highway safety and traffic issues.
  • Impact on trees, conservation areas, listed buildings or nature conservation.

Note: There are issues which are not relevant to planning. We would wish to hear all your views but some may not be able to be taken into account by Committee when the decision is made.

If you want to show maps, plans or photographs during your speaking time, they must be emailed to the Committee Usher ( noon on the Friday before the proposed Planning Committee meeting date. Only appropriate material that has been agreed by the Chairman of the Planning Committee will be shown.

Please note any such material will be uploaded to the website and publicly available to view. Do not include any personal information that you do not wish to be viewed.

Order of presentation at the meeting

The Chairman will invite:

  • The Planning Officer to present the application.
  • Each registered speaker. The order of speakers is generally:
    • Town or parish council
    • Objectors
    • Supporters
    • Applicant and Agent
    • Ward Representative

When all the speakers have been heard, there will be a discussion among the members and then a decision will be made. Occasionally, a decision may be deferred for further information or a site visit.

What if I am unable to attend Planning Committee?

Email your comments to the Committee Usher ( Comments should be submitted before 17:00 on the Wednesday immediately before the proposed Planning Committee meeting date. Please note that your comments may be summarised for the benefit of the members of Planning Committee.

Alternatively you can ask your Ward Representative to speak on your behalf. Click here tofind your local Ward Representative (opens new window).

COVID Testing and Precautions

While most national Covid restrictions have now been lifted, we encourage all attendees at the Conference Centre to take reasonable and practical steps to keep themselves safe and to protect other users where possible.

As a precaution, therefore, and for the safety of you and others in attendance, you are encouraged to undertake a Covid test prior to attending the meeting. If you need a test, these now have to be purchased and are available at most supermarkets and pharmacies.

In addition, please could we ask that the protocols below are also followed:

  • Do not attend Elizabeth House if you feel at all unwell - no matter how insignificant the symptoms. 
  • Please use the sign-in sheet provided on arrival, and sign out when leaving.
  • Social distancing is encouraged, where practical to do so, but not mandated.
  • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. 
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided (or you are welcome to bring your own).
  • Clean the individual spaces you use after use.

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