Green bins

Green refuse bin

Tick - correct item
What can go in my green household rubbish bin?

  • Your household bin is for household and food waste, and items which cannot berecycled or put in yourgarden waste bin.
  • Rubbish in your green bin should be bagged.
  • Only the contents of your green bin will be collected; we do not collect waste placed beside the bin.

x for wrong item
What can't go in my green household rubbish bin?

  • DIY Waste, which includes wooden items
  • Garden Waste
  • Hot Ashes
  • Liquid Paint, chemicals or oils
  • Business Waste
  • Batteries

Do's and Don'ts for a problem-free bin collection

  • Do place the appropriate bin out for collection by 06:30 on the day of collection.
  • Do place your bin at the edge of your property boundary or your agreed collection point ready for the collection.
  • Do check yourMy Breckland to make sure you place the correct bin out on the correct week.
  • Don't overfill your bin. Rubbish must be securely placed in the bin for collection.
  • Don't put the wrong bin out for collection on the wrong week. We will not be able to return and empty it.
  • Don't place garden waste in either your green or black bin, or your bin will not be emptied.

Report to us if you have followed the advice and still experienced a missed collection. Make sure you do this within 48 hours of your collection day.


Putting the right stuff in the right bin is important. The wrong stuff is called 'contamination', and when contaminated loads of recycling are found it can potentially result in the whole lorryful being sent for disposal instead of recycling.

Further details about contamination and recycling (opens new window) can be found on the Norfolk Recycles website.

Last updated: 23/03/2022 16:56:03