Streaming of committee meetings

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How to observe the meetings

If you would like to observe a meeting, please visit or search for 'Breckland Council' on a few minutes before the meeting is due to start.

Look out for the new video or for an indication that the committee meeting 'is live'. If you're unavailable when the meeting is streamed live, the footage will be saved on the YouTube page for later viewing shortly after the meeting has concluded.

Please note, you may need to refresh your internet browser to pick up on the new video content. Some internet browsers may not allow you to watch the stream live, depending on your settings. You should therefore be prepared to switch to another internet browser at short notice, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (others are available). You may also wish to consider watching the stream via a tablet/smartphone or using the YouTube app.

Last updated: 23/08/2021 12:14:27