Street Nameplates

Breckland Council is responsible for maintaining Street Nameplates under the "Public Health Act 1925" and under this act it is an offence to:

  • Destroy, pull down or deface a street nameplate (includes repositioning street nameplates).
  • Set up/install a street nameplate with any name different from the official street name.
  • Place or fix any notice or advertisement within twelve inches of any street nameplate.

Breckland Council does not charge to replace any street nameplate that is:

  • Damaged
  • Missing
  • Misspelt
  • Un-Readable

A charge is applicable if you wish to:

  • Move a street nameplate
  • Request additional street nameplates to those that already exist

To make a request or to let us know about a street nameplate please complete the application form below.

Further information and guidance notes can be found below;

Last updated: 21/02/2024 06:38:52