Bidding FAQs

Why can't I bid?

  • While a property is under offer to you, you will not be able to place a bid on any other properties.
  • When you submit a change of circumstances the application is suspended and you won't be able to bid.
  • Your application may have been cancelled due to non-bidding.
  • Your application may have been rejected if your application was not successfully verified when you were shortlisted for a property.
  • If you have been shortlisted and failed to respond to attempts to contact you or provide documents as requested on three occasions your application will be rejected.

Why won't the system won't let me apply for certain properties?

You can apply for properties for which you meet the qualifying criteria.

If you try to apply for properties where you do not meet the qualifying criteria, the system will not let you apply.

When you are sent your confirmation of your registration, banding and scheme login details, the letter will also state the size of properties that you qualify for. This is based on an assessment of the size of property that you need.

How long do I have to bid for properties?

When the properties are advertised on the website, these will clearly state the deadline for people to apply.

There is a five-day bidding cycle starting from 12:01 on Thursday morning to 11:59 on the following Monday. You can bid on two properties per bid cycle.

Do I have to bid for properties every week?

No. It is up to you when and for which properties you bid. You should only bid for properties that you genuinely want. If you are a homeless applicant your housing officer will have advised you on your responsibility to bid.

Will I be able to view a property before I apply for it?

No. You will only be able to view a property once you have bid for it and have been successful in being chosen by the housing association to be considered for the tenancy. When the properties are advertised, all the information that you need to know about the property including a photograph will be shown so you can decide whether to apply for it or not.

What kind of tenancy will I have?

Usually people are offered assured tenancies by the housing associations. 

Information on what an assured tenancy is can be found on theShelter website (opens new window).

Some housing associations also use introductory tenancies or fixed term for new tenants. This is where you have a trial period before they change the tenancy to ensure you can manage your tenancy appropriately.

How much rent will I have to pay?

The rent of a property is set by the housing association.

The difference in rents is dependent on size of the property and its facilities. Each property advertised will display the rent to be paid.

You may be eligible for Universal Credit orHousing Benefit (opens new window) to help with your rent.


Last updated: 21/03/2024 13:40:41