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How to bid for a property

Available properties are advertised weekly on theBreckland Key Select website (opens new window), which you can access on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

To bid you will need tolog on (opens new window) with your email address and password, then use the properties search facility to see what properties are available to bid on.

Bidding for properties will begin from 12:01 on Thursday morning to 23:59 on the following Monday.

The adverts tell you who the landlord of the property is, where it is located, the size of the dwelling (number of bedrooms), whether pets are allowed, the rent and other features which will help you to decide if you wish to make a bid or not. The advert will also inform you if there are conditions that you have to meet in order to bid for the property. An example of this might be a minimum age requirement or a local connection to the area.

Before you make a bid, you may wish to check:

  • The location of the property to see if it is in an area you would be happy to live in.
    • Further information about the location of a property can be found by using the link on the advert to the Up my Street website.
  • The size of the property is suitable for your needs.
  • The floor level that flats and maisonettes are on and if this is lift access.
  • If you would like to consider alternative housing options, further information can be found on the housing options pages of this website.

Registered applicants of the Breckland Key Select scheme will be able to bid for a maximum of two properties in each bidding cycle.

Having made your choice and after going in to the property details, you can then highlight this property by ticking in the box on the left of the advert and use the Place Bid button.

What type and size of property can I bid for?

The type and size of property you can apply for depends upon your family size. The property description may contain information on who will be eligible to apply for it. Occasionally there will be some different eligibility criteria that apply to certain properties, but this will be clearly shown in the property adverts.

The system will tell you if you are not able to bid on a property and why in the full details.

Remember that if you are bidding on the website, the system will only allow you to bid for properties for which you are eligible.

Please be aware that none of the properties advertised are furnished or carpeted.

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Last updated: 21/03/2024 13:41:31