Noise Nuisance

For a problem to be a statutory nuisance, it must affect you within your home or garden and be unreasonable.

Report a Noise or Nuisance Problem

If you have a problem that you need to report to us please complete our 'Report a Noise Nuisance Form'

What we don't cover?

  • Military Noise (including low flying aircraft)
  • Noise from the emergency services
  • One-off incidents of noise
  • Wild birds (peacocks etc)
  • Storm damage (including fencing, sheds, fallen trees etc)
  • Land drainage (streams, ditches etc) 
  • Parking on grass verges

What do we cover?

You can report all of these by using the following form Report a Noise Nuisance Form

Please be aware that some unexplained noise can be the result of suffering from Tinnitus.

For more information please refer to our Icon for pdf Understanding tinnitus leaflet [3.45MB]

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