Renaming Existing Streets

Please complete the application form below to request a re-name of an existing street or to add a name to an un-named street.

A reason for the request together with some evidence must be included.

Due to the upset caused to the residents a street rename will only be undertaken if:

  • The existing name is now offensive or inappropriate.
  • There is a duplicate or similar name which now causes problems.
  • There is no current official name.
  • The Emergency Services request it.

The Street Naming team will provisionally check the information you provide.

If your request is valid we will contact you to take a non-refundable payment to continue with the process and with the residential consultation.

Please be aware that payment does not guarantee your suggested street name will be approved or used.

Further information and guidance notes can be found below;

Last updated: 21/02/2024 11:15:46