Housing advice and information

Accommodation resources

If you or anyone else is at immediate risk of harm, regardless of your circumstances, call the police on 999.

Private tenant at risk of eviction/at the end of a tenancy

Facing eviction from family or friends

Suffering domestic violence

Ex-armed forces

Experiencing mental health issues or impairments

On the basis that you are suffering from a mental illness or impairment, Breckland Council may accept that you are vulnerable and therefore in 'priority need' for accommodation. This will be determined by your personal circumstances and will take into account information we gather from various sources including any medical professionals involved in your care.

The following websites may be useful if you are suffering from mental health issues:

    Leaving prison

    Harassment at home

    Leaving care

    The help you get mainly depends on your age. 

    • Norfolk County Council Children's Services (opens new window) is responsible for finding you somewhere to live until you turn 18. If you are aged between 18 and 25 years and are a homeless care leaver, your leaving care adviser and Breckland housing service will provide you with advice, support and guidance around your housing circumstances.
    • If you are a care leaver, you may be able to get housing and other help from the Breckland Council or Norfolk County Council leaving care team.
    • When you turn 18 you are entitled to claim benefits. If needed, you should be able to claimUniversal Credit (opens new window).

    Leaving hospital

    • You should tell the hospital nursing staff as soon as possible, so that they know that you will be homeless when you are discharged.
      • They will ask the hospital discharge team to help if they can.
    • If referred to the council's Private Sector team, they will assess your situation and you may be offered temporary accommodation while your application is assessed if you fall into a priority need category.
    • If you have a home already but it needs to be adapted, the hospital will refer you to the council team which is responsible for adaptations or the assessment of theHousing grants and loans.

    Options for older people

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